AUGUST 19, 1994 – MAY 5, 2005


Our little angel Bijou departed this earth on May 5th, 2005.  She took her last eternal breath at 5:00 AM.  She was where she wanted to be, with her two Daddies.


She was born on August 19th, 1994.  My partner Scott and I were in Pet Smart on Broad Street to pick-up dog food for her sister, Truffles (whom we adopted 2 months earlier from the Richmond SPCA) and noticed the AARF Dog Adoption set-up and a little baby Beagle in a crate alone.  We went and looked at her and the adoption person asked us if we would like to carry her around the store with us.  Of course that’s all it took!  We were heart struck and ended up adopting her. 


She went home to meet Truffles, her new sister.  Bijou was a very sickly puppy in the beginning, but with lots of love and good vet care she become healthy and lived a great and wonderful 10 years forward.


One of my fondest memories was how she loved to jump in my lap daily when I would come home from work and tried to read the mail.  It was like she was saying, “no Daddy, me first, I must give you kisses and then you can read the mail!”


As time went on , about 5 years ago, she met Barney (a Basset Hound) her new Brother and his daddy Ash.  All three of them lived and played together.  However, thru it all Bijou managed to remain the Queen of the house who ruled all!


When Bijou died, we put Truffles and Barney up on the bed, they both sniffed her and then jumped right down.  I believe this allowed for closure for both of them that Bijou was gone to Heaven.


She was our little baby and is missed dearly.  Each day gets better as I know she is in heaven playing now and giving plenty of Beagle kisses.