Cherokee- Cherokee was such a handsome boy! He was placed in a very loving family, that cared for him deeply. He was cherished by every one! He was sent over that rainbow bridge to be with his mom, who had died when he was two weeks old. He was bottle feed and loved at a very early age, by a AARF volunteer. He became very sick at 9 weeks old, by that deadly disease known as "Parvo"! Remember that this is such a deadly virus! Cherokee's litter all came down with it, and it cost over $5000.00 to save, 5 out of the six puppies. All was done to help Cherokee, but he was just to sick!! We dedicate this page to the many puppies in the world that needs us to take care of them. Remember to hold them high when in public, showing them off only in your arms!! Make them fill secure and loved. Just remember you wouldn't pass your baby around to strangers and let them crawl thru the stores while you are shopping!! The puppies depend on us to care and love them! There are so many out there that need caring families to love and cherish them! Give your furry friend lots of love and kisses, you never know what life will bring your way! But you do know one thing, they will always be there to help you thru the way!!