Francie- Francie came to AARF in the back of a pickup truck, so sick and dehydrated that she had to get IV fluids at the store before she came to my house where I set up and worked on her 4 brothers, 3 sisters, and her. She was one of the smallest one's weighing in at only 1 and a half pounds, at 6 weeks old!! As I bottle feed them, IV fluid them and forced feed them, I prayed that they would make it through the first night, then the second and so on till I knew they were out of trouble. They were true survivors and in time, you would never had known that they were so sickly! By the time they were 5 months old they were weighing in at over 50 pounds each!! She had turned out to be such a love bug and sweet girl and touched the lives of all the AARF volunteers. When she got spooked at her new foster home and ran out the front door, she had lots of people in the group out looking for her. For days they searched by foot, cars and sent out mass emails, flyers, and had announcements made on the radio and newspapers. We prayed for her and wanted so much to bring her back home to us and her brother, Socks! But on the day that I received a horrifying phone call from the emergency vet and animal control letting me know that they had located our beloved Franchie and that she had been hit by a train, my heart was broken! She was found by a real nice couple, who had pulled her out of a water filled ditch and stayed with her until animal control came and took her to the emergency vet. Once there, they found out that she had a broken back and couldn't be helped with all the injuries she had. I had to make the final decision to peacefully put her down. I agreed right away, and asked that they please give her a hug and kiss from me and to let her know that I love her and that she had lots of people and furry friends that loved her dearly!! I want to dedicate this page to all the rescue dogs and puppies that need us, "HUMANS" to help them! God sent her plenty of angels to help her through her short lived life and she touched so many of us, with her puppy kisses and love! She will always be remembered and loved by all of us with AARF!! As you walk in the footprints of life, please keep your eyes, ears and hearts open to the many furry animals that depend on us to love and care for them.