In Memory of Henry

RIP sweet Henry.
You are and will always be part of our AARF family and always in our HEARTS !!!
Run and play over the rainbow bridge.




It has taken me a while to be able to write this email but I needed you let you know that we lost Henry on Christmas Eve. He had been improving steadily until late September - early October when he started doing left circles continuously. Dr. Creasy said he either had old dog vestibular disease (if it went away in a few weeks) or a brain tumor (if it didn't and this is what causes Cushings). Unfortunately, Henry grew worse over time and started tripping up stairs and running into things. In Dec, we realized he had no idea where he was or what was going on as he was running around madly in circles. I have him in an urn in my office and we are going to bury him up the hill with our other dogs this spring.

Overall, he had a good last year. He got to go to the beach and hang out with the neighbors. Cassie (who is doing fantastically) taught him how to be a dog again and showed him the joys of running around the back yard. He even started chasing after her when she had a good snack.

This one was really bittersweet. I was hoping he was going to get significantly better and be able to enjoy a few years of peace. He was a really neat dog.

If you have a dog, you will most likely outlive it; to get a dog is to open yourself to profound joy and, prospectively, to equally profound sadness.