In Honor of Jason

We adopted Jason from AARF in February, 1998, to serve as a companion to our other dog, Lucky. When we first met Jason, at the Pet Smart adoption stand, he looked Larry right in the eye and offered his paw - we knew he was picking us. Jason had his challenges; he had been adopted and returned a couple of times before we got him, however he was such a sweet boy, we knew we could work through any issues. After he jumped our wooden fence, we just installed an electric fence inside the wooden fence. When he tried to nip our male friends, we successfully worked with him to rebuild his trust in men.

Jason had some health problems as he aged and most were treatable, until recently. Jason's body was just worn out and he left us on Saturday, January 17th, at the age of 17.

We were so fortunate to have Jason in our lives and he taught us the value in adopting adult rescue dogs and the unconditional love they provide. Our other dogs are rescue dogs and they miss Jason as much as we do, however we celebrate the 11 great years we had with Jason.

Larry and Julie Anderson