Pat Gandy
August 28, 1943 - March 3, 2005

Thank you Dr. Gerald L. Gandy for donating your wife's jewerly in her memory. She wanted to help homeless animals on her death bed. Pat had adopted an AARF cat in 1999.

The final statement in her memorial:

Her final wish was that any contributions in her memory be made to an organization or activity protective of animals. She very strongly believed " . . . that more needs to be done on this earth for the welfare of these loving beings who are also creations from God. "

Here is her memorial.

Patricia Kay Haltiwanger Gandy's Urn was recently interred in the Columbarium at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, VA. Patricia was born August 28, 1943, in Columbia, SC and died March 3, 2005, in Richmond, VA. Although she said in recent years that most of her relatives called her Patricia, especially after she was grown, she was also known as Tissy, Tricia, Pat, Pattie, and Patsy. Her older brother, Bill or Billy Haltiwanger, who was only a year and a half old when she was born, said at that age he couldn't pronounce Patricia and called her Tissy. His children, Lisa, Kim, and Mindy, with his wife, Elaine, knew her as Aunt Tissy. She was mostly known as Patricia in school and as Pat and later as Pattie at work. Tricia and Patsy were also affectionate although not frequent names. Jerry Gandy, her husband, was introduced to her as Pat and that is how she was known by most of their mutual friends. However, Jerry had a brother called Pat (for Patrick) and so his parents and family called her Patricia. His brother's daughter, Tamiko, often called her Aunt "P". Jerry eventually just called her sweetheart. Regardless of the name, she was a very special sweetheart to all her relatives and friends. Patricia and Jerry were married in Columbia, SC on January 22, 1966, while Jerry was a medical administrative officer in the U.S. Army. Jerry had previously completed a B.A. in psychology at Florida State University prior to entering the army in 1963. He completed a three-year commitment in 1966, after they were married, attaining the rank of captain prior to his discharge. They were not blessed with children but had a blessed 39-year marriage and were very spiritually oriented and considered themselves to be soul mates. Patricia worked as a medical secretary with the Veterans Administration in Columbia, SC from 1961-62 and in the same capacity as a civilian with the U.S. Army at Ft. Jackson, SC. from 1962-72. Jerry went on to complete an M.A. in rehabilitation counseling and a Ph.D in counselor education at the University of South Carolina (USC). After he was working as a counseling psychologist with the Veterans Administration, Patricia resigned her civil service position and began studies at USC. She eventually completed a B.S. in business administration education with high honors in 1977 at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Richmond, VA, where Jerry had accepted a faculty appointment. Patricia accepted a civilian position in 1978 as a management analyst with the Department of Defense (DOD) in Richmond, VA and received additional training in industrial engineering. She served on a national management team that evaluated DOD installations around the United States. Patricia and Jerry traveled extensively throughout the United States and to numerous foreign countries often in connection with their work but many times just for pleasure. Patricia elected to take advantage of a special early retirement benefit in 1996. Jerry retired the same year from VCU as professor emeritus of rehabilitation counseling to become a semi-retired private consultant as a Virginia licensed professional counselor and clinical psychologist. Patricia then pursued a new career focusing on cooking, gardening, and shopping frequently in collaboration with her mother-in-law, Ruby Gandy, and her best friend and spiritual sister, Ginny Faison. However, she also served as an advisor and consultant to her husband in his work. They both continued to enjoy travel together. Patricia was predeceased by her younger brother, Danny Haltiwanger, and her parents, Julia or Julie and Ray Haltiwanger.