Penny- Penny was our first baby. We were in grad school and she was approximately a year old when we met her in front of a Ukrops store in Richmond, Va and adopted her from AARF. She had been a foster dog of Eric & Heather Racer, and at that point was named Kenzie. We re-named her Penny after Penn Park in Charlottesville, where she loved to play "chase the tennis ball" with Chris, and run on the trails through the woods with Jill. After school we relocated to Texas. She enjoyed many happy years of chasing squirrels, vacationing at the beaches of North Caroline and Florida as well as the snowy mountains of Colorado, enjoying her walks, playing with her human brother and sister, and swimming in the lake near our home. In the end Penny suffered from pancreatitis/diabetes, and we ended up losing her yesterday. We loved Penny so much and she will always be in our hearts:

We just wanted to let you know, and thank you so much for the 8 years we were able to have with Penny.

Chris & Jill Wilson