In August, our Sofie passed onto Doggie Heaven. She was one of the original AARF Dogs. We adopted her in August, 1994. She had been rescued from the City pound and was skin and bones as a puppy. She eventually had a beautiful black coat with brindle legs - AARF thought she was part Dobie, but ended up looking more like a whippett.

She truely thought she was much better than any other animal, and only would assoicate with humans. She adored people, her couch, and TV. Yes she was querky, always taking her food out of her bowl to eat, making sure she was the closest one to her daddy, and needing her pillow to put her head on when she slept. She ran like the wind when she got the chance and always thrilled to death to see you. She made the way for another AARF puppy - one of the ST Bernard mixes from Christmas time 2 years ago. We miss her and her ways, but she brought us together with AARF which has turned out to be a wonderful relationhship.

Thank you for bringing her into our lives.

Susan Blackburn.