In Memory of Biscuit

Biscuit Biscuit Biscuit Biscuit





On August 7th I lost my very dear friend Biscuit. He only brought unconditional love and joy to my life. Adopting him was the best decision I have made in my life. I will miss him forever I know he is in heaven chasing squirrels.

RIP Biscuit I love you.

I would like to a minute and remind people the world is not perfect sometimes a pet or even child makes a dash. Please slow down. It could save a life.




Even though I`m gone, I`ll never forget the way you looked when we first met.
Your hand reached out and stroked my hair, our eyes glistened, fixed in a stare.
I knew from this moment how life would be, you were my companion and yours was me.
These memories are always in my head; long walks, the games, my cozy bed,
Gentle words spoken, never a yell, someone to listen, a secret to tell.
But, each year of mine was equal to seven.
I`ll be watching you now, from up here in heaven,
When rain drops fall, it`s my tears I cry,
Remembering your love from my bed in the sky.
Whispering winds carry my promise to you,
For being my friend I will forever....Thank You.