In Honor of Chester

In Memory of Chester "The Super Dog" Glenn




Good Morning Everyone,

It is with great sadness that I tell you that we lost Chester last night. We had adopted Chester in December 2008, He has been the most wonderful addition to our family. We have a bag of Beniful that we have yet to open and would like to donate to AARF if you would like to have it. We are also considering donating his other items, new toys and bowls. My son wants to keep his collar with his paw print.

Early yesterday evening, Chester was playing with my 3 year old daughter and the neighbors puppies (aarf's very own Buttercup and Athena {formerly daisy]) It was his favorite part of the day. While playing, as best we can tell, Chester, who you know had a heart murmur, went into defiberlation mid play. We, along with our awesome neighbors performed CPR and rushed him to Carrytown EMergency where they continued to try to revive him, but even with all the physical work and two rounds of drugs, his heart would just not start again. I like to think "he was so happy it burst". He was only 4 but he means the world to us, and we just wanted to let you know, that even though you found him abandoned with a belly full of rocks, he died loved, happy, and with great food in his belly. It will never be easy to loose a child like him, but I can atleast say thank you for finding him and placing him with us to find that short period of complete happiness.

We may find it in our hearts to adopt again, but for now we will enjoy memories of a super smart and funny dog, who showed us he knew how to play hide and seek (the kids would hide and he would find one or the other depending on the name you gave him), he would roll over on his back, wiggle and paw the air like a dance if we were dancing around, he crawled in bed with our 3yo when she was sick or scared, he would even protect her from bees whe she was smelling flowers. It only took me a week to train Chester with basic voice and hand commands, but these other things, he did all on his own. We would ask and he would amaze us with his ability to understand just what we asked. For that reason, I have no doubt he heard and understood my saying "I love you, you are the best puppy every" between the breaths I'd give him.




Even though I`m gone, I`ll never forget the way you looked when we first met.
Your hand reached out and stroked my hair, our eyes glistened, fixed in a stare.
I knew from this moment how life would be, you were my companion and yours was me.
These memories are always in my head; long walks, the games, my cozy bed,
Gentle words spoken, never a yell, someone to listen, a secret to tell.
But, each year of mine was equal to seven.
I`ll be watching you now, from up here in heaven,
When rain drops fall, it`s my tears I cry,
Remembering your love from my bed in the sky.
Whispering winds carry my promise to you,
For being my friend I will forever....Thank You.