In Honor of Chloe

chloe chloe chloe



Hello Karen and the rest of AARF,

I'm am very sad to say that one of your alumni dogs passed away this past Monday. Chloe (known as either Chloe 2 or Chloe Bear to AARF) developed a tumor in her liver that ultimately required that she be euthanized.

Chloe was two years old when I fostered and then later adopted her from AARF. When I first visited your dog stand at Petsmart on Broad Street, she was in a crate on the very end of the line (next to her friend, Bingo). She was the largest, scariest-looking pup of the bunch, but her eye contact, tail wags, and face licks had me hooked immediately, despite how impossibly hard she pulled on leash.

Within the first day or two of living in my old apartment, she'd claimed it as her home (maybe more her's than mine even!). She vigilantly protected our home with perked ears and loud, intimidating barks…. at least until whoever the visitor was was invited our door. Then the barks turned into Chewbacca-like singing (for a sample of her—and my wife's—singing: and endless licking. After she'd made her introduction, she'd immediately turn, press her hip against her new friend, and let them know that they were then allowed to scratch or pat her butt.