In Honor of Chester (fna Christopher)

Conner Conner

My heart has broken into a thousand pieces. RIP Christopher. I got this note from his mom tonite.....

It is with the heaviest heart that I share this news with you. Chester left this world and went to live with God in Heaven yesterday afternoon. He was struggling with his heart disease and despite medication, his sweet little heart wasn't strong enough.

My boyfriend and I held him, kissed him, and he knew he was loved when he passed and he wasn't in pain before he did because of the sedatives they provided him. He was the best thing that happened to me and I thank you for helping him along the way before I met him and while I was fostering him. Thank you for loving him. I'm so glad that I got to love him too and can say many many more people got to love him while he was with us. He even found a second mama in my boyfriends mom and I think he loved her almost as much as me!

Thank you again for everything you have done for Chester and all you continue to do for the sweet puppies in this world who need you.




There's a bridge beyond the rainbow
That God prepared with care
So when our pets must leave us
We'll know that they are there.

It is a special sanctum
Where they can rest and play,
Knowing we will claim them
Again some joyous day.

Our bond will be renewed
Just as it was before;
The undying love of a pet
You cannot ask for more.

I pray for such a Heaven
For in my heart I know
Where ever he does take them -
That's where I want to go.