In Honor of Lola




Lola (formerly known as Winnie) was my first dog and bonded with me the very day I brought her home from AARF. This photo was taken on that wonderful day. She was so good and so patient with the crazy kitties! In my opinion she was the perfect dog! I will always remember her joyfully running through the fall leaves and the snow. She brought so much joy and love into our lives. Rest in peace my sweet "Gordita".

Thank you so much AARF for rescuing this precious little soul, and for everything you do for needy dogs.

There's a bridge beyond the rainbow
That God prepared with care
So when our pets must leave us
We'll know that they are there.

It is a special sanctum
Where they can rest and play,
Knowing we will claim them
Again some joyous day.

Our bond will be renewed
Just as it was before;
The undying love of a pet
You cannot ask for more.

I pray for such a Heaven
For in my heart I know
Where ever he does take them -
That's where I want to go.