In Memory of Lydia


Dogs never forget another dog they have known. Before I adopted Lydia, she lived with a dog in an AARF volunteer famly ... he was called 'Charger'. And now they are reunited. No one would remember where she came from after the Katrina hurricane, but there were thousands of dogs like Lydia. I adopted Lydia because of what I saw in her as a dog, not because of the storm aftermath. Lydia lived in the 'here and now' every day, as all dogs do. I adopted her for the 'here and now' and told her so, nearly every day... " I'm glad I found you. I love you just the way you are ".

Lydia had Cushing's disease and it was clear one recent day when it was time to say goodbye. Lydia did not have to suffer, as I had determined to let her go well before that occurred. To keep a dog alive because of our own fear of letting go is a mistake. What matters is whether the dog has a life that respected and valued by its owners. Lydia had that in her training, veterinary care, protection from danger, and unconditional love.

Of all the dogs I have known and loved through dog rescue, AARF dogs 'Lydia' and 'King' and 'Conner, CGC' are part of a video I made to accompany a song I wrote and sang here... At 2:34 are the dogs of my own who needed me, and I needed them.

It's a way to remind myself how they looked when they were young and beautiful so I do not have to forget.
Doug Henninger