MacKenzie 10/6/94 - 7/3/05

I remember the first day I met MacKenzie. One of the other AARF volunteers had just returned from the pound, where she was supposed to pickup two dogs but somehow ended up with three. The third, was MacKenzie, who’s story had hit that soft spot that all rescue volunteers have for dogs like this. MacKenzie had been through a few homes before coming to us, her last owner had to take her to the pound because his wife couldn’t handle the barking. None of the other rescue groups in the area would take her because of her age and possible health problems. This was true, she was supposed to be around 5 years old, we later tracked down her vet records and realized she was actually 10 years old. When we took her to get a check up, she was put on pain meds and a special diet for arthritis, thyroid problems, and kidney disease. Earlier this year she was diagnosed with leukemia and a few months back it was discovered that her leukemia had spread to her bone marrow. About a month ago, MacKenzie was attacked by another dog, she made a better recovery than what was expected though. When you have more than one dog, they say you shouldn’t play favorites, MacKenzie was different. She was queen of the house, got whatever she wanted, and even though she made a huge mess, she still had the best bed in the house! MacKenzie was truly a once in a lifetime type of dog. Even though she had her rough days and cranky moments, she was still the best dog ever! She hated other dogs, bit people when she didn’t want to be touched, and had no control over her bowel movements, but she was always happy no matter what situation she was in. Technically, MacKenzie was just my foster dog but to me she meant the world. She was actually treated better than my other dogs, she was a constant companion when I needed her, and even when I was upset with her, she was still right by my side insisting that I pet her. She was doing so well that I never imagined she would be taken away from me so soon. I am happy with the fact that I no longer have to worry about her-whether she was in pain, suffering, or unhappy in the least. I know that MacKenzie is in a better place now and hope one day that I see her again. I hope she is able to forgive me for all the things that I did to upset her. MacKenzie was my constant companion, shadow, and friend and even though she stayed for only a short time, her spirit will stay with me forever. In loving memory of MacKenzie, the best AARF foster dog ever!

A Poem for MacKenzie