In Memory of Max: March 2011-April 2013

Max2 Max2

Our family adopted Max from AARF in September 2011 when he was almost 7 months old (his temporary name was Dusty). We weren't sure at first if we would be chosen as his family because we had 3 young children (twins who had just turned 1 and a 6 year old daughter). They wanted to be sure Max would get the love and attention he needed. Well, we got lucky and were chosen. Max really was wonderful. He was very laid back for a 7 month old dog and took to the children right away and also to our other dog, Harley. He was a typical puppy learning who we were and figuring out where he fit in. It wasn't long before he became my constant shadow. He followed me everywhere and when I left he wasn't very happy. He definitely had really bad seperation anxiety but I knew he counted on me to be there for him.

This past Thanksgiving of 2012, Max acted like he wasn't feeling well. He seemed to perk up after a couple of days, but then once again acted sick. We decided to take him to the Dr. on December 3rd. My initial thought was that he had eaten something that didn't agree with him. Like most puppies, he loved chewing on EVERYTHING especially twigs and sticks outside. Well, that night we received heartbreaking news that our 'puppy' had the worst stage of Lymphoma. I honestly couldn't believe it at first. We had just lost our previous dog to Cancer 6 months prior to adopting Max and here we were faced with it again. We felt we had to give him a chance and set a goal of helping him reach his 2nd b-day, which was March 15th. After several rounds of Chemo, Max went in to remission, but only for 1 month. We did one more round of Chemo, but this time, he did not respond. We were told it would probably only be a matter of days because his blood levels were extremely high. Max was laid to rest on Friday, April 5th at our home laying in his favorite spot by the fireplace.

He was loved SO, SO much and will also be missed SO, SO much. I feel we had just reached the point where we understood each other! He was certainly taken away from us far to soon! Until we meet again my Sweet, Sweet Boy!