In Memory of Roadie


Marc and I adopted Roadie from arrf, memorial week-end of May, 2005. Roadie and his brother Hershey were rescued in King William, Va walking down the road. Roadie's name was changed at the kennel to "Jeremiah". I opened the crate, put him in my arms and he fell asleep. I knew he would be coming home with me to become a member of our family. Roadie passed away on April 23, 2014 at 5:30PM from kidney failure. He was so precious and very smart. Roadie loved his companion, our lab named Gipper. They would sleep on their dog bed side by side. Gipper would clean Roadie's face every morning when they awake. These two became brothers in arms. Now Gipper is left without our Roadie. Gipper looks lonely, laying on the deck without his brother.

Roadie, Loving you came easy, losing you after nine years was not fair. We see you in every room of the house especially how you loved laying in corners. I can see you coming to me at 10PM at night informing me it was time for bed or 2AM when you needed to go outside. Memories of you following us no matter what room we were in, you were there, having you in the kitchen as you watched us prepare a meal. Seeing you sitting at the front door waiting for Marc to come home and watching you being excited while wagging your tail.

I knew I could always trust you to never let us down. And how you loved your dog treats, playing a game before you partake the treat. You were adorable and leave us with a heavy heart. Marc, Gipper and I will love you for always.

God, take good care of our "Roadie".

Time To Go
The time has come I think you know
the Lord is calling so I must go
I love you so much; I wish it wasn't so
I wish I could stay; I don't want to go
You're the best family a dog ever had
so kind and gentle, never mean or mad
I'll never forget the day that we met
I was so lucky to become your pet
You opened your door and showed me your heart
I'll never forget you; we'll never part
You loved me and cared for me over the years
you taught me everything and took away my fears
The Lord is calling now I must go
but before I go I want you to know
I know it hurts to lose a friend
but I'll be with you even at the end.