In Memory of Sabrina

Sabrina21 1/2 (Baby: 3 Months Old) Sabrina16 years (Child now 13 Years Old)

We adopted Sabrina from AARF in 1998. She was one and a half years old at the time and lived to be 16 years old. She was a lab chow mix and was the most amazing dog. We adopted her through you from a family that lived in Highland Springs. Her name at the time was Sweetie Pie.

Above is a photo of our first child with Sabrina when she was about three months old and below that a photo of that same daughter this summer at the age of 13, the day before we had to put Sabrina down.  


I Know in Time ...

I know in time that you will see,.
The kindness that you did for me,
Although my tail, it's last has waved,.
From pain and suffering I've been saved.

I am the Dog, a crowning jewel o'er every worldly treasure,
my dignity a lyric deep beyond Man's clever count and measure.
Yet I alone have stayed the course of nature's path
'til Man arise from selfish dream to know me as I am,
at last...