In Honor of Watson (2001-2010)

Watson2001 - 2010

We love you more than words could express!
You are and will always be part of our AARF family and always in our HEARTS !!!
We miss you so ....




Watson, a.k.a. Watty, Woddy, Watty Watlington, came to AARF needing habilitation, having lived outdoors in the woods all his life (?). He was so skittish that he wouldn't eat unless I went back inside, and he wouldn't come into the house even when it was 5 degrees last winter. He started to buzz by me and nudge me from behind when I took out the trash. He took all the throw-toys and hoarded them under the deck where he hung out. He started to come inside, and even greet me somberly at the door when I came home. He began to learn that knuckling the ears, scratching under the arms, and patting the belly feels good. He learned to sleep on the couch at night, then migrated to the bed where everyone else sleeps. He learned that if he made himself very heavy he couldn't be moved from whatever spot on the bed he chose. He started to do a dance for his dinner which he learned to eat inside with everyone else. He never bullied anyone or bared his teeth or took anyone else's treats.

It seems his hard life took a toll psychologically and physically, but he was a sweet, sweet man and he made so much progress. He will be missed. I hope he enjoyed the perks of domestication as much as I enjoyed watching him grow. Go, run, be free!!!


Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.
- Anatole France