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Finn is a 6 year old Chiweenie (Chihuahua & Dachshund). He is house-trained, crate trained, and is used to staying within the confines of a fenced-in yard when outside. He loves going on walks and meeting new neighbors and friends. Finn is a playful dog and needs daily opportunities to get out some energy. A walk around the block or playing fetch in the house will usually do the trick. He's loyal and protective, and all though he doesn't bite, he does bark at passing neighbors and approaching guests at the house. If you're not okay with that, some training will be needed.

Finn is currently living with 2 cats and is doing ok with them except he really want to play with the younger one, especially when she runs. He loves running and playing with other dogs at the dog park.

Finn loves being the center of attention and would do best in a home with older children, or no children at all. He was not a fan of sharing attention with young children the last few years. He loves to cuddle and prefers to be in your lap or by your side a lot of the time. He also enjoys a good nap in the sunshine. He's okay being left home alone, but if he had a choice, would much prefer someone that is home the majority of the time.

Overall he is a good dog, and would thrive in a home with someone looking for a loyal companion and best-friend.

For more information, contact AARF at aarfva@hotmail.com Subject : Finn

  • Chiweenie (Chihuahua & Dachshund)
  • 6 years old



Osi is a 9-10 year old housetrained female dog located in Blacksburg, VA looking for a foster or forever home for the holidays! Donít let her age fool you, she is an active girl who loves playing with toys and being outdoors for walks, hikes and swimming.

Unfortunately, she was recently diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and is need of a place where she can live out the rest of her life comfortably and happily. She is currently stable on medication and diet changes (which the rescue covers), but sadly kidney disease is progressive. She is a very loving dog to her current fosters. She needs a foster who does not need to leave her for long periods of time (such as school breaks, extended vacations), due to her separation anxiety and attachment to her fosters. She is on anti-anxiety medications to help with this, but we would like to minimize any stressful events during the remainder of her time. She is protective of her fosters, so should be the only pet in the household and no children. We would like to find Osi a retirement foster home or adopter where she can spend the rest of her days peacefully.

If you are able to provide a senior foster home for Osi, please contact awfpfosters@gmail.com or contact wfpadoptions@gmail.com

  • Os
  • German Shepherd mix
  • 9-10 years old



Hi, I am Lexi and AARF is listing me to help to help me find a new home. . Here is my story.

Lexi is a fawnquin with cropped ears,6 years old.she loves going places ,loves car rides and attention. She's very lazy and loves her bed but always willing to jump in the car or go for a walk. She doesn't do well with female dogs or cats. She is freefeed and completely house-trained. She has never been crated. She loves to cuddle with you and will happily lay in your bed or on the couch for hours. Lexi is very well-behaved inside. She has had all her shots and is spayed and microchipped, very healthy.

The ideal home for Lexi would be someone who is home all the time or most of the time, someone who enjoys going for a walk and taking their dog in the car for rides.

She would be fine going to places like PetSmart as she loves attention but definitely no dog parks or similar places. She will need a family who understands she has never been in any other home. They will have to be patient as she adjusts.

It would be great if she could be adopted with Lola, preference goes to homes that will take them both.. Can send videos.

For more information, contact AARF at aarfva@hotmail.com Subject : lexi



Hi, I am Lola and AARF is listing me to help me find a new home. . Here is my story.

Lola is a 7 yr(March) harlequin great dane. She is very quiet and aloof with strangers. She is not the type of dog who would enjoy going to PetSmart and getting attention from other people.

She is in very good health,spayed,utd on shots,flea meds, microchipped and just had her annual heartworm test. She has minor arthritis but since giving Cosquin you would never know it She loves walks, car rides and snuggles on the couch. She has never been crated. She is completely house trained, and is used to being free fed as she is a grazer and doesn't eat a lot at one time.

She does not like cats! She is good with small dogs but unsure of how she would do with other females..she does not seem comfortable at all around children. The ideal home for her would be someone who is home all the time or most of the time, an older or retired person or couple would be great, someone who enjoys walks and taking their dogs in the car when they can, someone who doesn't mind her snuggling on the couch beside you while you watch TV, someone who will love her and understand that she will be nervous and scared. I am the only home she's ever had.

For more information, contact AARF at aarfva@hotmail.com Subject : lola

dog dog dog

Hi, my name is Sally (Adoption Pending).I am a 51 lb. ~6 year old german shepherd/hound mix. I am pretty independent and able to entertain myself, not the type to be fawning over you every second. I am happy meeting new people and very accepting of human guests in my home. I like them, I wag my tail, and welcome their attention. The neighborhood kids were at my fence and I went to meet them and they pet me.

I have lived with many different dogs, and currently am peacefully co-existing with an old, deaf cockapoo. I am looking for a home where I will have a canine companion. I am very quiet when my foster mom is home unless there is an unfamiliar sight or sound. The neighbor said I bark a lot during the day, so apartment living might not be the best lifestyle for me. But rest assured - I will let you know if some nefarious character is skulking around our home!

I know some commands and I am house-trained. I sleep in my own memory foam dog bed at night. But I am not a big fan of crates or being closed into a room Ė I might have had some complaints in the past about my behavior as far as being a bit too destructive of books, doors, and such when closed in by myself (oops). When Iím free-roaming around the house, I am much better! I also do very well in my current foster home where we have dark curtains at the window and a 6 foot privacy fence. That eases my anxiety about whatís happening in the outside world.

I like to go on walks and I get excited when a leash appears! I am a little nervous on new adventures, but I adjust quickly. For instance, I was afraid to go to the neighbor for visits, even with my foster mom. But now, the neighbor comes and gets me when my foster mom is at work. I wag my tail and am happy to hang out with them, a Shitzu, and a multitude of felines. I was nose-to-nose with a little Kitten! When adjusting to new situations, some medication helps me. But I may not need medication long-term. Weíre kind of in the ďletís try and see how it goesĒ phase. My foster mom says I am low maintenance, sweet, and easy to manage. Foster homes are okay. But I really would like my own family to love forever.

For more information, contact AARF at aarfva@hotmail.com Subject : Sally

  • Fenced Yard needed (5' or higher) (no electric fences)
  • Dog Friendly (Doggie Playmate Preferred)
  • Female
  • DOB: ~1/2012
  • Breed: ~Beagle/Shepherd Mix
  • Size: Medium/Large
dog dog

Hello potential family! My name is Lupin. I get my name because I am smart and serious, but I also have a wild playful side. I am a 4 year old mix breed who loves other dogs. (I don't seem to care about cats, but who knows)

I LOVE to play. I have a deep bark, and I let other dogs know it is playtime! I love a ball or tug o war. I get so excited sometimes I run high speed around the yard. It's great to be out of the shelter! I'm a loving guy who loves to follow you around and receive pets.

I am learning manners, and I take treats gently. I do ok on a leash, and I want nothing more than my own family to please and play with. So what do you think?

For more information, contact AARF at aarfva@hotmail.com Subject : Lupin

  • Dog Friendly
  • Fenced Yard Needed
  • ~Mixed Breed
  • Male
  • DOB: ~2013
  • Size: Large

Hi I am Andy. I am a active boy. I love to play and bark with my other foster buddies. We play chase in the back yard and have a ball. I need room to run. I can help dig holes if someone starts it for me.

I have a great appetite and love when it is feeding time. I am house trained but my foster home has a doggy door so it may take me a while to learn a house that does not have a doggy door. But I learn fast so I donít think I will have a problem learning a new home.

I am looking for my forever home. Are you the one for me??

For more information, contact AARF at aarfva@hotmail.com Subject : Andy

  • Fenced Yard Needed
  • Dog Friendly
  • Male
  • Large
  • Breed: Hound Mix
  • DOB: ~2012

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dog dog dog

My name is Zoe and here is my Curriculum Vitae for consideration by my foster family.

Age: 1 1/2

Background: I was a scrawny newborn puppy and brought to the pound with my mother and left there. I was kind of sickly with mange. The day AARF came to pick me up, my former owners said they wanted me back. At 5 weeks, AARF won and my foster family took me in. With careful monitoring by AARF and the vet, I am in excellent health.

Education: I taught my foster family many things. I loved everyone and everything to the point I became an obnoxious brat. I passed puppy socialization at 2 Speak Dog. My fosters didn't understand what play was-l am spirited and fast and boxy but it's different from fighting. I need to be monitored around other dogs but I am much calmer as Iíve grown older. My best friend is a Great Dane named Stella. Some timid dogs may call me a pest but they don't understand. Cats may not understand me either.

Passions: I love, love, love toys and peanut butter. I can only handle indestructible Kong type toys. I also love my crate. lt is my safe haven and when l get too rambunctious. My foster tells me to go to the crate. lt is a special place for me to deep breathe and relax. I am content there.

Outdoors: I love walks, runs, the car, and fresh air but l am not an outdoor dog. I only want to be outside when you are with me. I am completely housebroken and love to travel. ln fact, l just came back from a driving trip to KY. lt was fun and I had no problems. I am not allowed to go off leash. When I am on a leash, it is with a gentle leader. I have been conditioned to not object to wearing it but it itches my muzzle and I slither like a snake. Without it, I pull like a workhorse. I think I am helping like pulling a wagon for the grandchildren.

References: Furnished upon request.

For more information, contact AARF at aarfva@hotmail.com Subject : zoe

  • Fenced Yard Needed
  • Kids OK
  • Mix breed
  • Female
  • DOB: 2/2017
  • Size: medium

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dog dog

Hi, I'm Buster Brown. I am a beagle in every sense of the word. I love it outside where I can run and play and watch for the neighborhood squirrels that like to tease me by running up and down the fence. I am a beagle so I love to bark. I didnít hunt the way I was suppose to but I hunt the way I want. I am a funny boy, I like to lay on my back and just roll and roll or even get in the pool in the summer. Beagles arenít suppose to like water!! I play with the other fosters and we have fun dragging things out of our foster mom's house.

I am a shy boy. I am realizing that all people arenít mean to dogs and I can trust them to pet me, although you have to do it slowly and be patient with me.

Children really scare me, all that screaming and teasing the do. I am scared of men because they are the ones that mistreated me.

I have come a long way and will let my foster mom play with me some, but I still need time, understanding and love. I know with time I could be your forever dog and love you to death.

For more information, contact AARF at aarfva@hotmail.com Subject : BusterBrown

  • Fenced Yard needed
  • Dog Friendly - needs a doggie playmate.
  • Male
  • Breed: Beagle Mix
  • DOB: ~5/2011
  • Size: Small/Medium

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