Happy Tails - Recently Adopted Dogs : AARF of Richmond, Va

Adopted (March 2017)

dogMolly dogMilo dogAce dogAlex dogAurora dogDuck dogZed dogJackie

Adopted (February 2017)

Andy dogHershel

Adopted (January 2017)

LuLu dogFrosty dogChip

Adopted (December 2016)

dogDenver dogLucy Snowball dogLacy

Adopted (November 2016)

dogCuddles dogAnnie

Adopted (October 2016)

dogEvie dogVlid dogNux dogMonte

Adopted (September 2016)

dogScully dogRoxie dogFrankie

Adopted (August 2016)

dogTrevor dogJeffrey dogCobie dogBo dogFuriosa dogPippa dogRoxy (aka Pixie)

Adopted (June 2016)

dogCooper dogChico dogSammie dogDuke

Adopted (May 2016)

dogPoochie dogRoxy dogBrusier dogAlice dogSparky (aka Charlie) dogMylene dogOreo dogHiro dogRosie

Adopted (April 2016)

dogGinger dogSimmo

Adopted (March 2016)

dogMinne dogSkippy dogSpit Fire dogHoney Bun dogAngel dogPrecious dogBig Angus

Adopted (February 2016)

dogHermione dogPolly

Adopted (January, 2016)

dogKensee dogMr. Jingles dogAndi

Adopted (December, 2015)

dogDuchess dogHowie dogLacy dogCricket

Adopted (November, 2015)

dogHolly dogFern dogLudo dogToby dogCooper dogPolly dogKensee dogKimmie dogCosmo

Adopted (October, 2015)

dogBowie dogMinnie dogGromit

Adopted (September, 2015)

dogTucker dogCharlotte dogJazzy (nka Waffles) dogMickey (nka Arlo) dogMomma Bear dogFreddie dogTootsie dogRoo

Adopted (August, 2015)

dogFrank dogChip dogJesse dogMissy dogPuffy dogGunther dogFlash dogBodie dogKobi

Adopted (July, 2015)

dogLilly dogMilo dogNiko dogJack

Adopted (June, 2015)

dogTank dogElla dogAtlas dogDusty dogCharlie dogGoliath

Adopted (May, 2015)

dogSavanna dogDarla dogMacy dog Marley

Adopted (April, 2015)

dogDinky dogJoey dogBryce dogTracy

Adopted (March, 2015)


Adopted (February, 2015)

dogMerry dogHollyBerry dogWyatt dogLeo dogTyson dogDarcy

Adopted (January, 2015)

dogRalph dogBell dogLuke dogFritz dogBaylee dogChloe dogLayla dogDuke dogDaisy dogMarley dogBella dogSpunky dogHoneysuckle

Adopted (December, 2014)

dogWidget dogSierra dogChester dogCody dogParker dogCheyanne dogMickey

Adopted (November, 2014)

dogSheba dogRedmond dogJackson dogBarney dogCelina dogGomer dogSierra dogHerbie dogMisty (fna Hattie) dogBill dogAbby

Adopted (October, 2014)

dogPolly dogJesse dogSavanna dogJett dogReilly dogWilson dogMekois dogCleo

Adopted (September, 2014)

dogRug dogLexi dogLizzie dogLego dogLola dogFinn dogKolby (fna Smoke) dogLucy dogZorro dogJersey dogPierre dogDoodles

Adopted (August, 2014)

dogStella dogPenny dogNella dogMomma Mia dogSophie dogCallie dogJake dogWhiskers dogCheckers dogRoxie dogCocoPuffs
dogDottie dogJackee dogLovey dogDelilah dogMotsey dogFreckles dogBuddy

Adopted (July, 2014)

dogSpud dogMillie (fna Riley) dogLenny dogPotsey dogBella Phoebe (fna Ginny)

Adopted (June, 2014)

dogRuckus dogRoland dogRye (fna Kenny) dogDaisy dogCash dogChester dogSassy dogDuchess dogBud dogShasta dogTanner dogPasha dogPetey dogMolly

Adopted (May, 2014)

dogKing dogRoo dogJax dogBishop dogLolli-pup dogElize dogSonny dogPablo dogRascal dogJoey dogLaney dogTrixie

Adopted (April, 2014)

dogChamp dogPrincessAnne dogKing dogDuke dogLuna dogFlash dogGage

Adopted (March, 2014)

dogBigBen dogAngel dogSissy dogTitan dogMickey dogDenny dogHambone dogChantelle

Adopted (February, 2014)

dogFinn dogPrecious dogPrincess dogVegas dogVinny dogPokey dogCreech dogGrey dogChewy dogAnnabelle dogEllie dogBoomer dogGilda

Adopted (January, 2014)

dogKierra dogClaraBell dogBlaze dogFreckles dogBrandy dogJumpingJackFlash dogRico dogKylie dogBradley dogCarson dogBentley dogLenny dogTucker dogPosey

Adopted (December, 2013)

dogDusty dogDuke(fna Drake) dogHazel dogCoco dogAngel dogKaycee dogRuckus dogSassy dogMiracle dogRhetta dogCharlie

Adopted (November, 2013)

dogTigger dogPrissy dogMurphy dogHoneyBooBoo dogHarry dogMagic dogBaxter dogWhiskers dogRosey dogShadow dogCarrie dogSissy dogSabrina dogLollipop dogDevon dogBryson dogRex dogDustin dogLilly dogChance dogFreddy dogSpot dogDaisy dogObie dog

Adopted (October, 2013)

dogEileen dogHenry (fna Snoop) dogIcees dogDaisy dogStevieWonder dogHillary dogBecca dogTheo dogAutumn dogAlvin dogTiger dogStarsky dogLivia

Adopted (September, 2013)

dogGustav dogBear dogDallas dogLizzie dogMinnie dogAlvin dogSimon dogTheodore dogEleanor dogJeanette dogChip dogBea dogNemo dogCampbell dogBello dogGibson dogSally (fna Marley) dogSheldon dogBerger, Cass,Jovi, Rosie,Sammy & Amelia Stumper dogShort Stuff dogLilly dogCassie

Adopted (August, 2013)

dogSir Lancealot dogBella dogBosco dogJeff dogTrixie dogPanszee dogDinah dogTimber dogMarley dogMarie dogSkip dogHarley dogDoodleBug dogMax dogAngel dogRiley

Adopted (July, 2013)

dogJenna dogLeila dogGordan dogPrecious dogEli dogMickey dogRoseanne dogEbbie dogBeaner dogLittleBit dogRoxie(fna Barbie) dogCora dogShortStuff dogBen dogLittleBit dogWesleyAnn dogJasmine dogHershey dogDizzy dogBelle dogMattie dogSadie dogRex

Adopted (June, 2013)

Shepherd Puppies dog dog dog dog dogAxel dogHeidi dogGracie dogShane dogDuchess Christopher dogFrootloop dogEllie dogBlue dogMateo dogMolly

Adopted (May, 2013)

dogClyde dogBailey dogRalphie dogDazzle dogTess dogMarcie dogBeagle Pup dogBeagle Pup dogJack dogPrincess dogMidnight dogFranklin dogBaxter dogDixie dogBrandy dogCoco dogWinston dogLivitra dogBeBop dogDobby

Adopted (April, 2013)

dogMax dogSebastian dogDuggy dogLizzie dogRazzle dogDinah dogBailey dogPeeWee dogChiquita and Chico dogTrixie dogTyson dogBubba dogCricket

Adopted (March, 2013)

dogBoots dogParker dogIvory dogTaffy dogCooper dogHokie dogSofie dogFinn dogGinny dogChelsea dogBuster dogMaxwell

Adopted (February, 2013)

dogBizzy dogSophie dogMohave dogHans dogRoxy dogCharlie

Adopted (January, 2013)

dogKodiak dogPugsley dogBandit dogHitch dogTallulah dogDorothy dogBusterBrown dogRemington/Jack dogHarry dogSchneider dogRyan dogSparkles dogUggs dogGinger dogBrodie

Adopted (December, 2012)

dogAnna dogStella dogSandy dogSimpson dogElsie dogSnowy dogBB Marley dogJet (fna Sly) dogMerlin (fna Wilson) dogOlive dogBandit dogJada dogAutumn

Adopted (November, 2012)

dogDovie dogLucie dogBella (fna HoneyBooBoo) dogHunter dogSophie dogSally dogLovie dogEliza dogSawyer dogSmiley dogClinger dogAbby dogToby dogSophie dogBruno dogPrincess dogIris

Adopted (October, 2012)

dogSetter dogHershey dogDaisy dogPercy dogSasha dogRoscoe dogBently dogCammi dogCamden dogShyanne dogSierra dogSimba

Adopted (September, 2012)

dogChloe dogKatie dogKarlie dogSugar dogDolly (fna Sassy) dogCharlotte dogFioni dogScout dogElmo dogMissy

Adopted (August, 2012)

dogMaybe (fna BabyG) dogJake dogRayRay dogRodney dogTayleigh dogTank dogCalhoun dogLenny dogEisey Scout dogGinger (fna Blaze) dogPippa dogRipley (fka Layla) dogBree

Adopted (July, 2012)

dogIttyBitty dogRex dogSeth dogReba dogNaomi dogMike dogToby dogMadonna dogAjax dogSelena dogChloe

Adopted (June, 2012)

dogMarbles dogDiamond dogJaegar dogZoe dogHazel dogCaleb dogTippy dogCaitlyn dogFarrah dogPugsley dogMacee dogTyler dogSunni dogClaire dogLarry dogLouie dogPenny dogSnickers dogLefty dogTerri dogRockyRoad

Adopted (May, 2012)

dogSugar dogRuby dogSassy dogMissPiggy dogRed dogGoldie Austin dogHoney dogKina dogDora dogStreeker dogRusty dogBree dogMike dogBessie dogFancy dogMitzie dogLilly dogSleeping Beauty dogCinderella dogBronx

Adopted (April, 2012)

dogDelilah melonMelon dogTippy dogBrooklyn Jillian dogAce dogAlex dogOlive dogDuffy dogOliver dogCami dogPuggie dogMurphy dogBailey dogMurray dogMaddie dogIke dogFaith

Adopted (March, 2012)

dogHarley dogErma dogPrince Charming dogDenny dogMaizy dogMemphis dogAngus PrincePhillip dogButtercup dogHeidi

Adopted (February, 2012)

dogCinderella dogSnowWhite dogAriel dogSavannah dogScout dogJinx dogMolly dogCooper dogBelle dogSimba dogAiden Colby Farrah dogChloe Micah dogTinkerBell dogCooper

Adopted (January, 2012)

Isaiah Domino dogTimmy Jenny dogGremlin dogTriscuit dogAbilene dogFred dogHutch dogRoxie dogMax dogPippen

Adopted (December, 2011)

dogReggie dogPolo dogSummer dogBettyLou dogPrincess dogMoxie dogHouston dogPrissy dogJoy dogEmma

Adopted (November, 2011)

dogLuke Brindle dogMona Reva dogRed dogBackstrom georgiaGeorgia dogSabrina dogMarco dogHarperLee dogGracie

Adopted (October, 2011)

dogSam dogDallas (aka Ellie) dogSnoopy dogSkip dogHooper dogWyn dogLucas dogOreo dogBuddy dogSweeney dogAllie dogHaley dogBrooke dogMollie dogRaven

Adopted (September, 2011)

dogDusty dogButtercup (aka Nene) dogShep dogClifford dogClara Bell dogHannah dogLandon dogBoomer dogBetsy Sophie dogSampson dogClancy Nana dogTaylor dogRachel dogPoppy dogTucker dogShiloh dogDaisy dogTreman dogHershey dogAiden dogChelsea dogGretchen dogLeo dogBeeBee dogLayla

Adopted (August, 2011)

dogBiscuit dogPenelope dogPiper dogPeaches dogDuke dogJonas Lilly dogDarcy dogSnowflake dogJonathan

Adopted (July, 2011)

dogNicky dogShaggy dogPuffy dogNash dogPetey dogMoca dogMickey dogMinnie dogDallas dogRusty dogBootzie dogRoo dogSparky dogTeddy dogScottie dogKohli dogFerris dogPixie

Adopted (June, 2011)

dogLola dogGodfrey dogDuey (aka Duke) dogNibblet dogNellie dogPercy dogPlato dogNewman dogBandit dogHoney dogJack dogBindi dogJake dogChrissy dogMindy

Adopted (May, 2011)

dogAlex dogPrince candyCandy HenryHenry dogCoco dogDaphne dogMunckin dogWiley dogCoupe dogPearl dogHester dogFoxy Roxy dogGeneral dogMarley dogBolt dogOliver dogBecka


King is crossing the finish line! He has 4 more days to stay quiet and after that he can start to resume normal activity gradually.

He has undergone heartworm treatment for the past month and has picked up a few pounds.

And he has found a new home and a 'BFFF' (Best Furry Friend Forever) in 'Lydia'. Lydia was a Katrina storm dog that had to wait for a long while to be discovered by her forever home pack leader once she came to AARF.

But an AARF 'safehouse' family steadied her and watched the horizon for just the right person! Somewhere in the community, there had to be someone to understand and recognize her true nature... And two years ago it happened!

And now it has happened for 'King' ! A young adult purebred boxer, King was rescued from a shelter with very little time remaining on the clock. And after treatment for heartworms and for a 'UTI' , he's back to his true self! Wait... it gets better !

His safehouse 'pack' realized he needed a quiet place to rest with no other male dogs... and along came Lydia's pack leader! And guess who is a perfect match for King in energy level, play style, and general personality: Lydia !

It's a match made in heaven and it came true for both dogs because of AARF volunteers, a 'neighbor group' rescue volunteer who got King to safety before an early end to his beautiful life, and perhaps, Divine intervention. Call it what you will.

King is safe, happy, healthy, well loved and is learning 'clicker' training for basic commands already. King has found his forever home and he is glad to finally 'be at home'.

Adopted (April, 2011)

dogPrincess dogAutumn dogDiesel dogBudderball dogJill dogTessa dogMoe dogDalton dogFuzzy dogWuzzy dogJack dogMoco dogManny dogAlexis dogTina Faye (aka Lucy, Cutie Pie) dogNilla dogNina

Adopted (March, 2011)

dogKolula dogBaron dogMighty Mikey dogCurley Sue dogVinny dogBrie dogRocko dog Onyz dogEmily dogZeus dogToby dogLizzie dogAnnabelle dogJoni (aka Daisy) dogOreo dogApril dogChunkie dogCamden dogOscar

Adopted (February, 2011)

dogLeah dogHendicks christopherChristopher dogClyde dogMiley dogSkeeter Bug dogJoshua dogMason dog Austin dogDuchess

Adopted (January, 2011)

dogWaldo dogBarney dogIvy dogJason dogStreudle dogLucielle dogCarly dogViolet dogKenzie dogDottie dogDede dogAcea

Adopted (December, 2010)

dogAstro dogRatchet dogNatalie dogBella dogHunter dogBerk dogNina dogGeorgia dogBubette

Adopted (November, 2010)

dogScooter dogMorrissa dogKayte dogScrappy dogBear dogBramble dogTania dogMia dogChubChub dogKatyKat dogBecka dogAnnalise dogTanner Whimsy dog2 Boxer Girls dog3 Boxer Boys dogShiloh dogChico dogTank & Molly

Adopted (October, 2010)

dogHallie dogSkylar dogShiloh dogSassy dogTinsley dogPippy Whitaker dogCinnamon dogRuby Red dogNattie Allston dogPaco dogSquirt dogGibb dogFletcher dogHarley dogBennie dogSavannah dogBogart

Adopted (September, 2010)

dogMendy dogGilbert dogDolly dogRicky dogAutumn dogPip dogWilley dogSavannah dogJack dogMilo dogTangie dogBlu dogWiley dogBasil dogFarrah dogRamona dogDaisy dogBellaRose dogHopper dogBrady dogPipper dog2 males/1 female

Adopted (August, 2010)

dogShanna dogLexi dogZoie dogCali dogCheyenne dogIvan dogMalynn dogAmy dogOtie dogAmos dogJonas dogDustin dogDuke dogTorre dogRosie dogCopper dogBandit dogMarlee buddyBuddy dogPete

Adopted (July, 2010)

dogCody dogButler dogCaine dogCheckers dogTimothy sybilSybil dogFroggie dogMcKensie dogAmberley dogAbby dogTequila dogIssac Rado dogMandie

Adopted (June, 2010)

dogDaisy dogCloie dogRatchet dogCharlie dogNemo dogSassy dogWalker

Adopted (May, 2010)

dogKatrina dogDalilla dogRaven dogMichael dogLenny dogCorey dogWrigley dogSully dogSafara dogRory dogAdeline dogKaylee dogAllie dogElaina dogBoozer dogRaina

Adopted (April, 2010)

dogJoey dogSunny dogAlex dogNigel dogLanie dogWalley

Adopted (March, 2010)

dogCara dogZeny dogFancy dogWinter millieMillie dogFoxy dogRiley dogTwister dogToby dogSummer dogCleo dogJerry dogWilma

Adopted (February, 2010)

dogHercules RileyRiley dogTiki dogRipley dogPolly dogWendell monkMonk dogBaxter dogMousey dogNemo dogFiona dogRoo dogIris

Adopted (January, 2010)

dogRosie dogHank dogZelda harleylabHarley jordanJordan dogDora dogGodiva dogCorey

Adopted (December, 2009)

MysticMystic bahamaBahama dogDaisy PeteyPetey dogCaycee roxieRoxie dogMeagan dogParis dogMojo boomerBoomer dogRitchie

Adopted (November, 2009)

emilyEmily JackBlack Jack Black dogChuck dogJuno dogDaisy dogRudy blairBlair dogTrevor

Adopted (October, 2009)

tinaTina Faye dogPayton puckPuck LennoxLennox daphneDaphne dogAlex SnowWhite Snow White wonder Wonder Webber Wagner dogBogey ducepupDuce Lucky Lucky toriTori tiaTia dogNatalie (aka Sophia) dollyDolly yodaYoda dogMatilda

Adopted (September, 2009)

dogCamden bladeBlade puppySassy
dog Millie and Margaret dogAries ajAJ PheonixPhoenix chesterChester rockyRocky dogIngrid jerzeyJerzey black lab pupsTippy dogMikie aliAli dogMadelyn katyKaty darcyDarcy

Adopted (August, 2009)

gandhiGandhi black lab pupsWill black lab pupsTessa abigailAbigail dogAva dogMadison titanicTitanic dogChips cjCJ dogHowie darlaDarla dogIsabelle dogPatty dogNina ameliaAmelia charlotteCharlotte

Adopted (July, 2009)

mulliganMulligan boBo shebaSheba charlotteCharlotte sadieSadie (aka Gracie) dogJabbles dogDaniel bingoBingo ellieEllie sadiepupsMoony dogFranklin dogFinn

Adopted (June, 2009)

CarolineCaroline deedeeDeeDee banditBandit ButchButch PetuniaPetunia
sadie5 of Sadie's Pups

Adopted (May, 2009)

inkieInkie velvetVelvet samsonSamson sammycSammy dogSmokie WatsonWatson samSam PoppaPoppa sammySammy fergieFergie

dogDarby fisherFisher

Adopted (April, 2009)

LeonardLeonard rudyRudy dogPee Wee dogLady dogMimsy DannyDanny autumnAutumn dogBenjamin Button cassieCassie winsorWinsor dogBinker dogPebbles

Adopted (March, 2009)

moeMoe santanaSantana JoeJoe amberAmber dogZiggy dogCola puppyBaxter rustyRusty dogTinkerBell dogDuchess princessPrincess dogPerry

Adopted (February, 2009)

dogBuck SpudSpud willieWillie OtieOtie dogBenji dogRyder dogSasha dogTeddy Bear dogNetty dogWylie dogSadie dogJuno
dog Ritchie dogZep

Adopted (January, 2009)

puppyEvie, Ace, 4 other lab/terrier pups eveEva dogDakota dogMaya RudypRudy dogSara dogPuddles dogPriscilla emmaEmma apolloApollo puppyTravis dogLCL dogPearl dogRhys puppyNoodles dogPiper dogPeanut NewPuppyAutumn dogSammy dogAbby dogFred
dogBear (aka Hoss) dogReno prudyPrudy gracieGracie

Adopted (Dec 2008)

NewPuppyHippie NewPuppySolstice chesterChester buttercupButtercup herculesHercules dogMiguel puppyEmmy puppyMaggie nekoNeko puppyNora puppyCooper dogJasper TannaTanna puppyChloe dogHenry poloPolo NewPuppyHoudini JohannaJohana puppyBlack Jack puppyJag

Adopted (Nov 2008)

dogJack BamaBama puppyDaisy puppyBell NewPuppyPerci NewPuppyZori dogCooper puppyLilly puppyOtis TiaraTiara dogTriton dogBlue NewPuppyVania puppyNacho puppyNatalie NewPuppyZonia NewPuppyBochephus dogSam puppyBoots duchess of yorkDuchess puppyNanook puppyNapa TexTex LeviLevi puppyGinger dogJJ tazTaz dog Bengal dog Daytona wishWish martiniMartini lexiLexi

Adopted (Oct 2008)

dogLilly dogClyde puppyNero puppyNana PuppyRodo PuppyKoda durhamDurham dog Frisco

Sugar's puppies

puppyPoppy puppyNutmeg puppyPaprika puppyPepper puppyMouse


shebaSheba LouiseLouise Chloe BearChloeBear dogDiego dixieDixie dogSpencer babbsBabbs winterWinter chloeChloe lydiaLydia DysonDyson dogTrouble dogSpirit

More 2008 Adopted Dogs

dog Miss Piggy dog J Low humphreyHumphrey MontyDago(aka Monty) cooperCooper thelmaThelma boscoeBoscoe Gypsey Rose Beeker Beaver Brinks Laura Lie LennyLenny maeMae PixiePixie dustbunnyDustbunny CodyCody kimmieKimmie big daddyBig Daddy
YahooUtah (aka Mudpie) aire1Lucy aire2Charlie sassySassy tikiTiki BruceBruce MollyMolly BubbaBubba winnieWinnie cashmereCashmere cinCinnamon guntherGunther windyWindy tilaTila spankySpanky wuzzyWuzzy MilkyMilky Way herseyHersey HarveyHarvey karmaKarma DukeDuke bubbaBubba MooMooMooMoo kitaKita LibbieLibbie zorroZorro SissySissy MandyMandy(aka Indy) simonSimon BensonBenson BrennaBrenna PhoebePhoebe scottieScottie
ravenRaven(aka Savannah) LolaLola smileySmiley Jaycee SierraSierra tassieTassie UnoUno CordellaCordella poulinaPoulina HayleeHaylee maudeMaude LeelaLeela FuzzyFuzzy SullySully

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