Caring for our Dogs

Our dog adoption stands are special places where wonderful experiences happen. Read about some of the special moments that occur at our dog stands.

Meet Ripley (Sugar babies - 2012) : From Puppy Living in Car to Search and Rescue
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Mango Update (9/16/2014)

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Two years ago we adopted Mingo (formerly known as Jake, Enzo and Cowboy) and thought it was the perfect time to share an update and success story. He is the most wonderful addition to our family and we have enjoyed everyday with him. He's a constant companion, serious cuddler and has become part of our lives in a very special way.

He loves long walks at the park near our house and playing with other dogs. He never misses an opportunity to go for a ride in the car and he travels with us to the mountains for hikes and to the beach. He still doesn't like the rain or storms but seems to be calmer during them than he used to be.

He has a "fan club" in our neighborhood of people who love his personality and the way he "bumps" other dogs. He wakes us up by bumping the bed and jumping up to cuddle (if he's not already on our pillows). He is probably the sweetest and most affectionate dog we've ever known. Taking care of him each day is a joy!

Thanks to AARF for rescuing this absolutely lovable guy and to those who helped train and care for him while he was recovering; our hearts and sincere thanks go out to you!



Lachlan's Birthday Presents for the Dogs

April 18, 2012

Dear AARF,

Instead of receiving presents for my birthday, I asked my friends to bring puppy or dog treats for AARF. My friends - Ben, Ethan, Daniel, Judd, Tucker, Christopher, Rob and Bryce were very generous. They brought everything from large bags of dog food to treats and toys and even a gift card to Target.

Your Friend,


Dog Highlights from 4/14/12

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A visitor to the AARF cat stand. This precious little girl was pointing to the cat Tabitha Another AARF foster mom and adoption stand worker
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An AARF volunteer One absolutely precious baby sheltie visited the cat adoption stand. A precious little blonde girl named Lily could not get enough of the "meow meows'.
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This little one (the child) really connected with this hound mix. A couple more of AARF volunteers This is one of several photos of the AARF dog and cat stands on a Saturday at Libbie Petsmart.



February, 2012 - Farewell to George and Cynthia - see you during Paws in the Park.



Dog Highlights from 2/18/12

fakedog chris nikki
Jordan wanted to sit with the fake dog Karen with Christopher Nikki giving kisses

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Nestle, an AARF dog, visiting the PetsMart dog stand with her mom, Beverly. Beverly volunteers for AARF and usually works at the AARF table keeping track of everything, answering questions and selling t-shirts, bandanas, etc.




How did we get this new puppy?





Allyse, one of our great volunteers, helps every Saturday selling tee shirts and dog scarves. Pictured with Shelley, another volunteer, and Demi, a beautiful dog up for adoption.








Sharon, one of the our great volunteers and a wonderful dog person, holds Jocelyn during a cold day at the dog stand.






2 of our Girl Scout volunteers sit and play with the puppies.






Maggie, Greta and Maggie May patiently wait for their forever homes.






Spooky with his foster dad, Rick, at the stand.






Jocelyn Jocelyn sits in front of the AARF sign.
stand Some of the junior volunteers warming the puppies at the stand.
stand Candy with her new coat relaxes at the stand - still waiting for her forever or foster home.
Cinda Cinda with her foster sister at the stand.
Sparkles Sparkles with a loving junior volunteer!!
Anna Polly being shown by one of our junior volunteers.
Porky Porky, a former AARF puppy, and Claire, one of our dogs share a moment at the stand.
Help Spud AARF foster parents with a great dog named Spud - obviously a lot of love in that family.
Skylar Skylar, one of our puppies, is being helped by an AARF volunteer.
Skylar Two AARF puppies, Skylar and Pal, being held and shown by our junior volunteers.
RickWithBlossom An AARF volunteer, Rick, sitting with Blossom during our pet stand at PetSmart on Saturdays from 11 to 3.
Rusty Rusty, one of our adult dogs, at the stand with his foster dad.

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