Caring for our Dogs

One of the reasons AARF is a unique rescue group is because of our foster care program. Every animal that comes into AARF is placed in a caring foster home as soon as one is available. We believe strongly in this approach for several reasons:

  • Foster families can learn all about each animal. Our foster homes provide invaluable information about each animal's personality (their likes and dislikes).

  • Animals are in caring homes, similar to adoptive homes. Foster parents can reinforce appropriate behavior and manners, which makes our dogs attractive to prospective parents.

  • In addition to increasing the likelihood of adoption, our approach also dramatically reduces the chances of an animal being returned.

  • Since some of our dogs come from neglectful or abusive situations, caring human interaction increases their chances of finding forever homes.

AARF is always in need of foster homes. Foster parents are reimbursed for all costs associated with care of a dog. To find out more about fostering an AARF animal, contact AARF at (804) 254-0800 or fill out our on-line form below.

You can also email Subject : Fostering and provide the information below.

Fostering On-line Form

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