Caring for our Dogs

A Letter to TJ

Hey, TJ

This is Max!! I am the dog that you were so worried about and then sent a letter to AARF to try to help me!! Guess What! It worked!! I have gone from the small pen and the poop and am getting lots of food, attention, love and treats!! I have a loving foster home with a fenced in yard. I run and play with my new doggie friends!! I am so HAPPY!! AARF is getting all my medical done and I will be available for adoption in a little while! They are going to find me a real nice home! I will never have to live in such bad conditions!

I owe all of this to you!! I am so glad that you cared enough to let a grownup know about me!! You were so brave!! Don't ever think that you can't help save a dog, even though you are a child!! I hope, one day soon, we can meet each other again. I have lots of doggie kisses and love to give you, for saving my life!!

AARF received the following letter in the mail and we are searching for TJ , so that we can let him know that Max is safe! He sent the letter with NO last name and NO return address, If anyone knows TJ, please let him know that AARF would like to meet this brave, 10 year old. We would like to "Thank him" for caring for this sweet boy!!

TJ, if you are reading this, could you or your mom please call Cindy at 804-339-2435. or email Subject : TJandMax

AARF would also like to "Thank" Jen with Ring Dog rescue. After distributing the letter, she and her husband went over and meet with the owner and the owner released MAX TO AARF!!

From TJ

My name is TJ and I am 10 years old. I hope you can help me save a dog in my best friends neighborhood. He is a big dog in a small pen. We never see him out of the pen and he is very, very skinny. I donít think anyone cares for him like they should. I told my mom and she said people care for animals differently and that we canít save and care for all of them. I bugged her but she said we canít help. I may be a kid but I know this dog needs someone to help before he gets sick. I am old enough to know sometimes bad things happen and you canít always help. Like the war. But I think I can do something. We already have two dogs and I guess we canít afford another one.

My friendís dad said they got their dog from ARF. We looked it up on Google and found out it is AARF.

I saw all the dogs and they look happy and they have someone caring for them and I hope somebody will care for this dog to. He is so skinny it scares me and he is lonely. His pen is behind the garage you canít even see him from the house.

Maybe the people donít know that he needs to get out and run. Maybe they donít know how much to feed him. I can see all his bones. And his pen always has a lot of poop in it. - Maybe at 10, my friend and I canít do anything but maybe we can. Maybe we can find someone, a grownup who knows about these things to check on him. I hope so.

I hope you can help.

Thank You,


AARF is a non-profit organization. If anyone would like to make a donation to help pay to get his medical done, please send donations to:
PO Box 15262, Richmond, VA 23227
ATTN: In Love of Max!

or use our on-line donation page.

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