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Want to become an AARF member? Read below about our membership categories and then pay your membership dues using a secure on-line credit transation or mail your payment or stop by our pet stand. Memberships run from April to March. Also become a Corporate Member and you get a Web Page on our site.

Membership Categories

Voting Members:

  1. A Voting Member is an adult over eighteen years of age who meets the requirements of voting membership. Voting membership requires a membership fee of $15, attendance at three monthly meetings and fulfillment of 15 hours of volunteer service. Volunteer Service includes participation at adoption stands, fund-raising activities or successful foster care of at least one animal for at least one month.
  2. The meeting attendance requirement can be waived by a 2/3 vote of the Executive Committee for individual members who cannot regularly attend evening meetings due to extreme circumstances. Individuals for whom the attendance requirement is waived, are requested to read and initial the minutes from three recent meetings.
  3. Voting privileges are not effective until 30 days after all requirements are met. This applies to new members and current members who are changing the classification of their membership.
  4. A Voting Member is entitled to all privileges of membership, including making motions, voting, and holding offices. sion.

The following levels of membership hold voting privileges: Individual, Family, Sponsor, Patron and Benefactor.

Best Friend Members:

  1. A Best Friend Member is an adult over eighteen years of age who has performed volunteer services for AARF. No membership fee is required.
  2. A Best Friend Member is not entitled to make motions, vote or hold office.
  3. A Best Friend Member who meets the voting requirements can change classification to a voting member.

Junior Members:

  1. A junior Member is a minor under the age of eighteen who wishes to be involved in the activities of the Foundation.
  2. Junior membership is earned after 10 hours of volunteer work at adoption stands or fund-raising activities. There is no membership fee.
  3. A Junior Member is entitled to a junior member handbook and a certificate of junior membership.
  4. Junior Members are not entitled to make motions, vote or hold office.

Honorary Members:

  1. An honorary member is an adult over eighteen years of age that has rendered notable service to AARF.
  2. Honorary Membership requires that a Voting Member submit a signed recommendation to the President by April, another Voting Member seconds the recommendation and a majority of the Executive Committee agree to the recommendation in a ballot taken at an Executive Committee meeting.
  3. An Honorary Member shall not be required to pay annual membership dues.
  4. An honorary member is not entitled to make motions, vote or hold office.

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