Caring for our Dogs

We are looking for "Retirement Homes" for our golden oldies.

  • Do you have a friend who can't afford dog medical bills?
  • Do you work all day and want a dog who can stay in the home alone all day?
  • Do you want the love and devotion that a senior dog can give you?

AARF pays for medicals and food. Our Retirement Homes provide the love and attention.

Please e-mail Subject:Seniors for more information

Retirement Homes Needed for these Dogs

Retirement Home Found for these Dogs

dogSweet Pea HavenHaven (RIP 7/2016) dogDexter dogNikki dogSavannah dogPatton (RIP 10/2013) dogJocelyn dogPolo (RIP 2/2014) dogWrigley dogMuffin dogOgre (RIP 2013) dogChina (RIP 2013) dogRiley (RIP 2/2013) dogAbby (RIP 12/6/04 - 3/5/2016 dogMissy MillieMillie ) GeorgeGeorge (RIP: 5/30/2014) dogLeroy (RIP: 2012) M and M (RIP)
dog Hi everyone. I am Dylan (RIP 3/2009 - 9/2015) .

Thank you Pat for keeping such good care of him. We know you miss him.




Harley RIP (March, 2009) - Thank you Elizabeth for taking such good care of him.

I lost my owner whom I have loved for many years. I was orginally an AARF dog who got adopted 8+ years ago. Now, my owner has passed on and I just need a place to live out my remaining life. I was in a vet's office for almost a month and then a nice foster home took me in. I was very stiff and scared at first but am doing better now. I am taking some medicines to help with my arthritis and just went to the vet to get a complete check-up. I weigh 75 pounds and really love older men. AARF will continue to pay for my vet bills if you will just allow me to live out my life at your home. We all get older at some point but still want respect and love.

I have found a Retirement Home - thank you AARF and Elizabeth!!!


Mary (Rest in Peace) - My owner could no longer keep me - and my brother George. I am 9 years old and act as a mother to George. We are very close and would like to go to forever home together. Please help us find a new, loving home.

I have found a retirement home - thank you Mike!!!




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