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AARF is always excited to find new volunteers. Listed below are volunteer work categories needed by AARF. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, contact our volunteer coordinator.

Please send Subject: Volunteering.

Please Include: Name, phone number,city, state, age (under 14, 15-21, over 21) and any comments and questions.

We also honor our volunteers and their hard work by recognizing a Volunteer of the Month.

  • Foster Homes: Since AARF does not have a shelter, we rely on individuals to keep animals in their homes until the animal is adopted. Food and medical care are provided by AARF; the foster home is responsible for providing water, shelter, love, and overseeing the administration of medicines if needed. Find out more about becoming a foster parent.

  • Handlers: Handlers are needed at adoption stands to hold a dog on a leash and/or attend to puppies. They are able to tell potential adopters about the animal. In additon, they make sure animals are given water, food and walks while at the pet stand.

  • Transporters: WE NEED HELP NOW TRANSPORTING DOGS FROM A FOSTER HOME LOCATED IN MECHANICSVILLE AREA TO THE DOG STANDS AND BACK ON SATURDAYS Transporters are volunteers who move animals from one location to another - primarily from a foster home to an adoption stand.

  • Fundraising: Without funds, AARF can't exist. We participate in many fun fundraising events. Another is Paws in the Park - a fun filled day for you and your furry friends held at the Innsbrook Pavilion usually in June. Other fun fundraisers included bake sales, yard sales, and Santa pet portraits. In addition, we raise funds for AARF through our donation jars located at certain stores, Ukrops golden gift certificates, and donations of pet supplies and food. Volunteers are encouraged to be creative and innovative in finding ways for AARF to gather additional funding. We are always looking for ways to raise more money to help more dogs.

  • Other: Other areas of volunteering include spay/neuter follow-ups, working with junior volunteers, working on grants, helping with mailings, getting speakers for monthly meetings, organizing training materials, and working with special needs animals.

  • Advertising: Advertising Volunteers look for ways to recruit volunteers for foster homes, potential adopters for special needs animals, and general volunteers, in addition to spreading out general information about AARF. Types of advertising can be traditional to creative.

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