AARF Volunteers of the Month

Volunteer of the Month (Jan 2015) - Rob Lysen

Rob has been volunteering with AARF for almost a year and has helped so many dogs find their forever homes with all his knowledge and love. He has done many duties at our Saturday dog stands and fundraisers. He has worked to help the misunderstood dogs and training them. He hasn't met a dog yet he couldn't work with or love.

AARF loves you and all the hard work you have volunteered in the name of RESCUE. We couldn't have done it without your help

Junior Volunteers - February, 2012 Volunteers of the Month


We would like to thank some of our junior volunteers for their help and love for our dogs. These young people are some of the outstanding volunteers that help AARF at the dog stands. We believe they will continue their work as they progress through their adult years and have compassion and love for all living creatures.

We do appreciate that you give your time to AARF on Saturdays after a long week of classes and we could not function without your help.

We thank you and hope that more young people do some type of volunteer work in their teen years.

Steve and Tara: Volunteers of the year for 2011


Congradulations to Steve and Tara, AARF volunteers of the year. They have helped so many dogs. Here are just some of their volunteer works:

  • Rescued dogs from bad situtions
  • Fostered AARF dogs
  • Volunteered every month at bingo raise money for AARF's homeless dog needs
  • Hosted the 2011 Paws in the Park

Steve and Tara worked endlessly with all their hearts and energy and hosted our biggest fundraiser PAWS IN THE PARK held on May 7, 2011. Paws in the Park was a huge success thanks to their hard work. Many dogs got adopted and many bills can get paid thanks to this event. Everyone had a great time including all the dogs

AARF is so lucky that Steve and Tara are part of our organization. Their committment to these homeless dogs are reflected in their tireless work in these events and in their neverending love of the dogs.

Faith Walker - Volunteer: April 2011

Faith Walker has been volunteering at our dog stands every Saturday.

She shows up early and always works very hard She has helped many dogs find their new homes. We thank Faith for all her time and love for the dogs.

George & Cynthia Quinn - Volunteers: Jan,Feb and March 2011

George and Cynthia are wonderful volunteers and often work at the Dog Stand on Saturday. Cynthia is at the donation table helping direct potential adopters to the appropriate dogs and selling t-shirts.

George is always working with the dogs - walking them and showing them to potential owners. George was a great help at our Paws in the Park event this year.

We thank George & Cynthia for their love and committment to the dogs and their help at the dog stands and other special events.

Shelley Simon - Volunteer: December 2010

he volunteer of the month for December is Shelley Simon. Shelley is an adult volunteer. If the weather is hot, rainy, snowy, or even sunny, Shelley is always there to help. If we need her in a pinch she is helping us.

Way to go Shelley!

Michelle Jenerette - Volunteer: November 2010

The volunteer of the month for November is Michelle Jenerette. Michelle is a junior volunteer with AARF. From the time the dog stand opens until it closes she is moving. Her heart and soul is to make sure the puppies and dogs are happy and taken good care of. This is what you call dedication!

Thank You Michelle for your hardwork!

Brittany Moore - Volunteer: October 2010

The volunteer of the month for October is Brittany Moore. Brittany is an adult volunteer with AARF. She is very dedicated to the dog stand. She comes every Saturday and to any special event. Brittany is there to help set-up and break down. Her passion is our puppies!

Thanks for your dedication Brittany!

Ryan Dillon - Volunteer: September 2010

Ryan was one of junior volunteers with Animal Adoption and Rescue Foundation. He was with us a very short time, but the time he gave was wonderful. Ryan worked hard and made sure everything was completely done before he left for the day. He decided to dedicate his time to a REAL job. We will miss him!

Thanks to Ryan for his time with AARF.

Kathi Holly - Volunteer: August 2010

Kathi is one of our terrific adult volunteers with Animal Adoption and Rescue Foundation. She has been with us for over two years. With her hard work and dedication we couldn't do it without her. Kathi is a volunteer with AARF along with fostering dogs and puppies. Her love for her dogs, big or little, shows!

Thank you from all your friends and family of AARF.

Tara Boulier and Steve Kelley - Volunteer: July 2010

Tara Boulier and Steve Kelley are the adult volunteers for the month for July. A huge THANK YOU to them fo helping organize Paws in the Park, which was a success. Both are looking forward to 2011's event.

Way to go Tara and Steve with puppy kisses!

Chris Caro - Volunteer: June 2010

Chris Caro is the junior volunteer of the month for June. He has been a great asset to Animal Adoption and Rescue Foundation. He makes sure he arrives and stays until everything is cleaned up at every event. He will jump to help anyone!

A special thank you and great job to Chris!

Karen Malechek - Volunteer: May 2010

May volunteer of the month is Karen Malechek. Karen started with AARF in 2002. She saw a dog name Albert and fell in love! Holding a tight and strict stand has shown a job well done. With her love not only for the animals, she is also a 3rd grade teacher in the Henrico school system.

Next time you see Karen congratulate her!

Zac Yode - Volunteer: April 2010

The Junior volunteer of the month for April is Zac Yoder. Zac is a hard,dedicated worker. He loves all the dogs. His will stay to the closing of the dog stand to make sure everything is put away.

Puppies kiss to Zac for helping us!

Kelly Barrow - Volunteer: March 2010

AARF would like to recongize Kelly Barrow. Kelly decided to take her tax refunds to purchase dog food for our puppies and dogs at AARF.

A special doggie kiss of thank you !

Brittany and Rachel - Volunteers: February 2010

On a cold January, the dog stand decided to close early because of the weather. All the other Junior volunteers had to leave EXCEPT Brittany and Rachel. Both of the girls stayed behind to help cleanup and make sure the work was done.

A special thanks for the hard work and dedication that goes to these ladies!

Jeff North & Joyce Anderson - Volunteers: January 2010


AARF would like to recognize Jeff North and Joyce Anderson for their hard work with Santa Pet Pictures. Without their hard work and delicatation the Santa Pictures couldn't have be done. All funds raised will benefit the AARF dogs.

Thanks again!



David Burnette - Volunteers: December 2009


David has been a part of Animal Adoption and Rescue Foundation for a long time. He dedicates time, effort and personal experiences. He has been involved in the dogstand, Paws and Park,and Bingo Night. He also works with other rescue groups, Furs and the SPCA.

He always has a special heart to take one particular dog under his wing to nuture. Recently he helped Richie be in control and calm and Richie was recently adopted. David's new adventure is working with Janet's foster dogs: Nikki,Toby,Sweetpea. He is working with their leash control and doing obedience training to help them get adopted.

As you can tell David is an important asset to AARF!


SHEILA KIDD and TIM MOSELEY - Volunteers: November 2009

Sheila and Tim are our volunteers of the month for working so hard for 3 months to catch our lost Emily.

Thanks for all your hard work and never giving up. Thanks to you, she is safe and with us and ready to be adopted


RICK NORTHAM - Volunteer: October 2009

October October **Reenactment: Rick as Rick; Duce the pup as Abagail

Rick captured sweet little Abigail when she got loose, not once but TWICE.

AARF couldnt have done it without you Rick.

Now Abigail is safe AGAIN.



Rick, Karen, Sharen, Debbie, Cindy, Drew, Amber, Lucie, Tara, Steve, Susan, Lindsay, Mike and Sandy - Volunteers: September 2009


Watermelon Festival Volunteers

On a extreme hot day on August 2, we attended the Watermelon Festival in Carytown. With all the sweat and hard work donations were low, adoptions was a mere one. But with all the hard work, a job was well done.

Thanks to all for the hard work!



SUSAN BURNETTE - Volunteer: August 2009


One sunny Saturday, Susan and her son came to the dog stand to volunteer. With surprise she meet our volunteer coordinator, Debbie Allan, whom she knew from high school .

Susan opened her house and heart to two of AARF's long time dogs, Buddy and Sandy. Along with volunteering at the Saturday dog stand she helps with fundraiser events, Bingo and Paws in the Park.

Thanks for the hardwork!



MIKE LEE - Volunteer: July 2009


Mike has been volunteering with AARF for several years. He has fostered and adopted several AARF dogs. On Saturdays, he is a volunteer that you can count on helping at the dog stand, along with setting up and breaking down the stand. During our monthly meetings, Mike is eager to help out along with giving good advise. His favorite past time is smoking a cigar.

July Pictured: George and Mary - Thank you for caring for us!!!




SHARI BRODSKY - Volunteer: June 2009


Shari joined our team about a year ago and has done so much for AARF and the doggies

Shari volunteers at our Saturday dog stands. She has fostered A LOT of small dogs for AARF that have come from pounds, owner surrenders, and just found on the streets. She has taken them to vets for medical, gotten them healthy, and delivered them to their new forever homes

She is always quick to say Yes to any small dog that needs a foster home. She also helps the volunteer coordinator with the return phone calls and help new volunteers at the dog stand.

Shari, thanks for all you have done for AARF and all the small dogs you have helped until they get their new home.

RICK and SHELLEY- Volunteers: May 2009

May May May

This special pair shares their passion for dogs and have a particular affection for Labrador Retrievers. Anyone who visits their home is likely to come away with unforgettable memories: Shelley in her lounge chair, gently stroking a puppy on her lap, or Rick in his chair holding a large dog, sprawled across his lap.

It's impossible to know how many needful dogs they have taken in, nursed back to health and trained before passing them on to adoptive homes. Any rescued dog is fortunate to have been helped by them along the way to a permanent situation, and they are better dogs for having known this couple, both of whom are always ready to help.

The world is a better place because of Rick and Shelley. These two outstanding individuals also are very caring and concerned with their fellow humans and are always ready to help. It is indeed a privilege and a pleasure to know Shelley and Rick.

Thank you for sharing your passion with AARF.

SHARON MALECHEK - Volunteer: April 2009 AprilVOM

The AARF dogs are seeing red; who is that redhead that all the dogs adore? That is Sharon Malechek, AARF volunteer extraordinaire. When Sharon arrives at the stand with a carload of dogs she is transporting to the adoption stand, the ones already on scene are totally aware of her arrival. Tails are wagging all over. She is AARF’s resident animal behaviorist, vet tech, dog trainer, animal photographer, manicurist, dog walker and general all around everything person (including pooper scooper, when necessary). She never forgets a dog and they never forget her either. There is no job that she can’t handle. She, along with her mother (Pat) and sister (Karen), is part of AARF’s very foundation. Sharon has been the sole caregiver for Danny, the dog paralyzed in a car accident. Thanks to Sharon’s hard work and devotion to Danny, he has made leaps and bounds in his progress and is mobile once again with the use of his new wheels.

Sharon , you are one in a million, and we thank you for all you do so selflessly for the dogs and puppies of AARF.

COLY ELHAI - Volunteer: March 2009 MarVOM

One of AARF's young volunteers is a shining example of giving back to the community. Not only is she a top-notch student but she also takes time to volunteer weekly with AARF. She is always there to help set up the adoption stand each Saturday and performs any task without hesitation. She is tiny in stature but mighty in her enthusiasm to help. Her favorite job; walking the dogs and interacting with them.

Thank you Coly for all you do.




NANCY STUTTS - Volunteer: February 2009 febVOM

Nancy is a very dedicated puppy foster mom for AARF. She has fostered different litters of puppies whom would have no where to go and be put to sleep. She gives them a home and comfort and lots of love until they get adopted. She has loved each one of them deeply and nursed several back to health.

We are VERY lucky she has joined our team in helping all the abandoned and unloved puppies from pounds.


STEVE AND TARA - Volunteers: January 2009 Dec VOM

Steve and Tara are a husband and wife team who recently joined AARF, but have already done so much for us and the dogs.

Steve and Tara came to AARF months ago when they found a very sick and starving stray dog which they named Cooper. They nursed him back to health and taught him that people whom do care He has since been adopted to a great forever home.

Recently several AARF volunteers found a starved, neglected dog in a ditch after he had been hit by a car days before. Franklin's future was unknown as the vet worked hard to save his life. He had a hole in the top of his head and he would need constant care

Franklin's story was e-mailed to all the AARF volunteers with a desperate plea for a foster home that could care for him and his special needs. Steve and Tara quickly jumped to the challenge and took him home with them.

They have given Franklin, our miracle dog, the love and medical attention he needs.

Thanks to Steve and Tara, he is doing great and should be ready for adoption soon.

KATHI HOLLY - Volunteer: December 2008 Dec VOM

Kathi is a fairly new volunteer and foster mom with AARF but has done so much already. She came to us through another foster mom, when she rescued several young terrier mix breed puppies that someone was going to drown. Kathi ,being the dog lover she is, couldn’t let that happen so she brought them home to her house and got their needed shots and brought them to the weekly dog stands. Lucy, Linus, and Charlie have been adopted into great loving forever homes

Recently she rescued Anna, a very pregnant momma terrier, (before she was scheduled to be put down) from Petersburg pound. Within hours of getting her home, Anna went into labor and delivered 8 beautiful pups. Without Kathi, Anna and her pups wouldn’t exist.

Kathi, thank you for all you do and for joining our team and mission




KIM WEISS - Volunteer: November 2008 Nov VOM

KIM joined our team almost a year ago, because she wanted to help homeless dogs. She has quickly jumped into a full time volunteer, by helping at our every Saturday dog stands, volunteering at all of our fundraisers, and fosterings many dogs and puppies in her home.

She recently adopted one of her own foster dogs, Gunther. She had a privacy fence installed for him and keeps him looking very handsome with his Petsmart baths. She has helped him build up his confidence and show him what love is.

Kim has become a very valuable asset to AARF and the dogs we care for. She loves the dogs and works very hard to help them find great forever homes.

Kim, we all thank you for all you do for AARF and the dogs and we are very lucky to have you as a volunteer and a friend.




Gauntt FAMILY-Volunteer: September 2008 Sept 2008 VOM

Laura Gauntt and her family have only been volunteering for AARF a few months but they have quickly become a valuable asset to us. They have fostered several dogs for us, homed dogs for other fosters while on vacation, and volunteer at our Saturday dog stands. They recently fostered 2 rescued dirty terriers to care for them. Little did they know one was pregnant. They helped Sugar and deliver 5 beautiful puppies. The children, Katrina and Garrett and some of their friends sold lemonade and raised raised over $100 to help AARF’s dogs.

We are very lucky to have the whole family join our team and we thank the entire family.

PAT MALECHEK-Volunteer: August 2008 Oct VOM

Although Pat Malechek is one of the most devoted volunteers, you might not ever see her. She is very much a behind-the-scenes person and is extremely happy to be part of that driving force and backbone which makes AARF so successful.

Pat gives of herself so selflessly to the dogs and puppies. She has more energy packed into her petite frame than most could ever muster. If there is an errand to be run, Pat is on the road. If towels or blankets need to be laundered for the pups, Pat does it. If one of the dogs has a special need, she is there to help fulfill that need. She has held numerous garage sales with proceeds benefiting AARF. She is also known for her expertise of putting theme baskets together for silent auctions or raffles; ones that would put professionals to shame. She is there to help assemble the adoption stand and there to assist packing it up, rain or shine or degree of temperature, every Saturday. At the end of the day, if there is a dog with no place to go, they find themselves embraced in love at the Malechek home and join the menagerie of others who have found their way to such a loving, safe place - just like Bailey, Barney or Oreo and the others, too many to count. There’s always room for another one (or two). Pat is not the only Malechek devoted to AARF, her daughters, Karen and Sharon have followed in her footsteps and are known leaders within the group. Pat, however, prefers to work behind the scenes without public acknowledgment of her countless deeds. She not only looks after the canines of AARF but she is always there to support the volunteers in their life's challenges as well. As an AARF volunteer, she is greatly respected and we wish to thank her for her undying love and devotion to the puppies and dogs of AARF.

Our thanks to Pat for her true labors of love (and for giving us Karen and Sharon too!!). If there truly ever were an AARF Angel, it’s Pat Malechek.

CASSIE AND DIANE -Volunteer: July 2008 Cassiediane

CASSIE AND DIANE are our most dedicated and competant junior volunteers. They both help out almost every Saturday at our dog stands at PETSMART and also work our fundraisers. We want to thank both of these young women for their help and dedication to our dogs. They dedicate their time and energy to this worthwhile cause.

Thank you from all of us at AARF.

DAVID BURNETTE-Volunteer: June 2008 June 2008 VOM

David first became aware of AARF when he adopted SADIE LICKINS (10/2003 ). He said he knew nothing about dogs or home based rescues at that time.

David first started working with AARF on some Saturday pet adoption stands in the summer of 2005. He officially became an AARF volunteer in December, 2006 by volunteering every Saturday at our weekly dog stands

David quickly become must more involved by fostering dogs, and taking on the responsiblily of organizing our Tuesday night BINGO sessions. This is a big responsiblity and helps to pay our neverending and mounting vet bills

David has also taken on the responsibility of organizing SCHOOL EVENTS for AARF participation. He helps educate our future pet owners about the big responsibility of being a dog owner. He also educates children about the rescue dogs’ needs.

David has become a great asset to AARF very quickly and someone we can’t do without. Thank you from all of us at AARF.


As Volunteer Coordinator, I want to this month recognize the five women that are on the AARF board FOR 2007. These 5 women work and take on more than anyone can imagine. They work normal jobs and have families and dogs like everyone else and all the rest of their waking hours - they dedicate to AARF. They never rest. These women receive no recognition, no awards, and no pat on the back and no thanks. They work very hard trying to save as many dogs and puppies as they can. They work late into the nights, every weekend, and take no vacations. They give money they don’t have.

They get emergency calls every day for dogs or puppies that no other rescue will help to save them from being put to sleep. They receive calls from owners whom don’t want their dogs anymore, lost dogs, and sick dogs. They have to set up, and run all the fundraisers; they have to generate fundraising ideas to pay AARF’s bills. They have to deal with all issues and problems that are involved with dog rescue.

They want to save them all but AARF can’t because of foster homes or money constraints. They are the ones that have to be the bad guys and say no to some dogs or puppies knowing they will be put to sleep. All of the AARF members are saddened when they can’t rescue a dog or a dog is returned because the dog’s owner cannot deal with an issue. They get discouraged all the time and want to quit, but thank goodness they don’t.

These women are the HERO’S of AARF. Without all of them AARF wouldn’t exist and MANY dogs and puppies would not have been saved and placed in all the hundreds of good homes every year.

want to personally thank each and every one of them and tell them for all the dogs, volunteers, and adoptee over the years, we love, respect, and honor all of you for NEVER GIVING UP.


ALESE PIGGOT-Volunteer: April 2008 Oct VOM

Click here to see more pictures of Alese and writeup.




MIKE and VICTORIA SONDECKER -Volunteers: March 2008 March 2008 VOM

Mike and Victoria, a married team, have been volunteering to help AARF the first Tuesday of every month with BINGO NIGHT, at Diversity Thrift. This really helps us earn money to pay some of our mounting vet bills, They have been volunteering for several months for us in memory of their beloved dog, SPARKY. Sparky has passed over the BRIDGE now and they loved him so much they wanted to do something to help other dogs. They also recruited several fellow coworkers to work Bingo in March. This will give the regular AARF volunteers a much needed break.

AARF thanks both of you and your co-workers so much for the help. I’m sure Sparky is smiling down at you and saying: Yep that’s how wonderful my dad and mom are. He was very lucky to have both of you in his life.

Sparky sparky
Bingo Team bingoteam




TIFFANY ALLAN and ADRIENNE CREGER -Volunteers: February 2008 Feb 2008 VOM

Tiffany (pictured on the right) has been volunteering with AARF since her and her mom fostered their first dog in December, 2006.

Tiffany has volunteered at the dog stands every Saturday and volunteered at all the fund raisers. In addition she has helped bottle feed puppies, helped her mom deliver puppies to their new homes and careed fro of all the foster dogs they have had in their home over the last year.

Tiffany recently did an article for PARENTS MONTHLY MAGAZINE that is due to appear March 2008. She talks about her personal experience with AARF and the dogs and how rewarding to her volunteering with AARF is. She feels very strongly about the dogs and peoples wrong opinions about certain breeds of dogs. She has built bonds with many of the dogs and would adopt them all if her mom would let her She now wants to grow up and be a vet and set up her own rescue for Pitbulls.

Tiffany and a friend of hers, Adrienne (pictured on the left), recently rescued a young neglected dog, Lilly. They noticed that the owners weren’t taking care of or feeding Lilly. They stepped up and got the owners to sign her over to them, They took her to a vet and got her much needed medical care. They are teaching herthat humans do care and are now looking for a fur-ever home for Lilly through AARF.

We are all very proud of both of you. AARF and the many dogs you have helped also thank you for caring.

ASHLEY & BRITTANY GREENE -Volunteers: January 2008

AARF wants to recognize four exceptional volunteers for all their hard work during our latest fundraiser SANTA’S PET PICTURES. They volunteered 5 long days over a three weekends. They made SANTA’S PET PICTURES a huge success and took over 306 pictures. The most unusual pet that had a picture taken was a huge boa snake. He was about 10 inches in diameter. Santa just wrapped the snake around himself and the snake’s owner and smiled.

Thank you Joyce, Jeff, Ashley and Brittany for all your dedication and help in raising much needed funds

LUCIA MEDEK-Volunteer: December, 2007 VOM

Lucia has been volunteering for AARF for only a few months and has already done so much for us and the dogs.

She has fostered several dogs and puppies until they went to their forever homes. She also works every Saturday at our dog stands , worked at several fundraisers, transported dogs and worked a night of bingo for us to help raise money.

She recently helped at a fundraiser and PENNY WAR presentation at Longan Elementary . She helped set up and brought her foster puppy, Diego, for the children to meet. She also made the AARF presentation to the school students and teachers.

Lucia has quickly become a valued member of our team and we are proud to have her. join us.

SAMANTHA AND MARY ELLEN-Volunteers: November, 2007 VOM

Samantha and Mary Ellen worked for 10 days in a row at our dog stands at the State Fair this year - setting up, showing the puppies and closing down. Without the help and dedication of these girls, AARF would not have had dog stand at the State Fair this year. Because of their efforts, we found some forever homes for our puppies and collected much needed donations.

Mary Ellen and Samantha also help with other things for AARF. They help our puppy person (Cindy) with the love and care of our little ones and also deliver them to their forever homes. Also on Saturdays, they help with the puppy stand and always work on other fundraisers and do whatever they can to help save the dogs.

Samantha and Mary Ellen : You do so much for AARF. We just want to thank you and say we are lucky to have you as part of the AARF team.

SANDY AND AMBER KONOPKY-Volunteer: October, 2007 VOM

Sandy and her daughter, Amber, are a family volunteer team and they work VERY hard for AARF.

They adopted their first puppy, CHARGER, from AARF several months ago. They love him so much that they have joined our fight to save as many homeless dogs and puppies as possible.

They work every Saturday at our dog stands, worked at several fundraisers,and fostered and transported several dogs. They also volunteered their time to look for our STILL MISSING precious BRODY. They have also recruited Ken (husband and dad) to help out when needed. Sandy and Amber have helped AARF in so many different ways and are always ready to do more when needed.

Sandy and Amber: You have a wonderful, loving family and we thank all of you for all that you do a nd for sharing your time and love to our cause and the dogs.

AUSTIN AND KATJA GONZALEZ - Junior Volunteer: September, 2007 VOM

Austin and Katja are a brother and sister jr volunteer team and they both work very hard for AARF. They both have worked several fundraisers such as PAWS IN THE PARK and our Car wash/Bake sale.

They also work at our dog stands on Saturdays and help with the dogs. They also have helped their mom, Nicole, with fostering several of our homeless dogs until they got adopted. (They have also recruited their dad in helping as well.)

Austin and Katja have done a lot for AARF with their endless engery and talents and we are very lucky to have a family team that is so dedicated to our cause..

AARF and all the dogs you have helped save and loved say THANK YOU.

CAITLIN PAISLEY - Junior Volunteer: August, 2007 VOM

Caitlin is our most dependable and competent Jr Volunteer. She helps out at our dog stands every Saturday, no matter what the weather is. She shows up early, helps set up the crates and works hard the whole day. During the pet stand hours, she works the puppy stands , adult stands and talks with potential adoptees.

She quickly learned our procedures and the adoption stand operation and helps orient alot of our new volunteers. She was very helpful with our latest fundraiser held 7/9/07, PAWS IN THE PARK.

Caitlin also fostered one of our dogs, LUCY, which she has now adopted.

Not only is Caitlin an asset to our team but she has gotten her parents and friends to also work with AARF. We have come to depend on all she does for us.

Caitlin, thank you for all you do.

PETER PROUT-Volunteer: July, 2007 VOM

Peter joined our team several months ago because he wanted to help homeless dogs. He helps out just about every Saturday at our dog stand, taking care of the dogs and talking to potential adoptees. He also worked at our latest fundraiser, PAWS IN THE PARK, which was held 6/9/07.

Peter has recently adopted the dog he was fostering, Gwen, and he says he will continue to help out and foster more. He loves all the dogs.

He has also gotten his other half, Christinia, helping at our weekly dog stands and fundraisers.

Recently we had a sitution at the dog stand where a baby bird fell out of the the nest. Peter put up with all of the volunteers telling him what to do. Finally he jumped upon top of the AARF van and put the baby bird back into the nest safely.

AARF is always looking for new volunteers. Peter has done it all for us and we are very lucky he chose AARF to help.

ASHLEY NOLLEN -Volunteer: June, 2007 VOM

Ashley is a full time student and previously did dog rescue work in Northern Virginia. She contacted us several months ago to volunteer and she has quickly become a valuable asset to our team.

Ashley helps out every Saturday at our dog stands. She helps set up the stands, walks the dogs, makes sure the dogs have water and are comfortable. She usually works with the puppies at the stand, often by herself. She also quickly helps with anything else that may happen during our weekly pet stand.

She has quickly jumped into the role of helping the new volunteers and she recently came to the rescue of several small newly transported dogs that came to AARF from a rural shelter. The dogs didn’t have a place to stay until the vet’s office opened on Monday. Ashley didn’t hesitate to offer her home for them.

We are very lucky to have her join our team. She loves the dogs and works very hard to help find them good forever homes.

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